Why Slyde?

You’re in charge of a marketing or business unit that is selling every day goods and services in an increasingly modern world. You need marketing solutions that work in today’s world.


Customer Experience

Your responsible for a business with retail locations in various marketing regions; things are exciting and chaotic!


Demand Generation

But through it all, you’re biggest challenge is still the same — bring in new customers all the time.


New Worlds of Customers

There’s no obvious answer, but in today’s B2C market, a secret is that the richest vein of new customers is the mobile Web. 

Slyde broadcast deals right over your mobile Website, with no burden to your IT and technology services. Slyde merges the modern world of mobile with the physical world of brick & mortar locations. It’s the perfect pairing you’ve been waiting for - take your brick & mortar into brick & mobile today.

Worlds of New Customers Out There

Slyde - There’s Worlds of New Customers Out There

Activate them with Slyde.